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Scott M. Delman  Founder and Producer, Blue Spruce Productions

Since 2008, Blue Spruce’s theatrical initiatives and collaborations have led to more than 60 Broadway and West End shows, garnering critical acclaim, over 160 nominations and awards—and more than a few laughs and emotional  twists and turns along the way.

Blue Spruce engages professional, top-flight talent for its original shows and revivals, and is also committed to supporting new work by backing emerging playwrights, composers, and lyricists.



Scott M. Delman, Founder of Blue Spruce Productions, is also the

Managing Partner of DGZ Capital, a private equity firm that acquires

ownership stakes in alternative investment firms. Prior to forming

DGZ, Scott was Co-Founder and President of Capital Z Investments,

where he initiated and managed a multi-billion-dollar investment

program to sponsor the creation of new alternative asset management

companies. Capital Z Investments has invested over $2.0 billion in

more than 25 investment firms throughout North America, Europe,

and Asia.

Scott graduated with honors from Yale College in 1982 and received

an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1986. Scott also served as

a Visiting Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s JFK School for

Government in 2006 and 2007, where he focused on the intersection

between international capital markets and national security. He

became an op-ed columnist for the online edition of the New York


Copyright Blue Spruce Productions

Times on economic issues during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Scott has served on the boards and advisory councils of various academic, corporate, cultural, and public

policy organizations such as Third Way, the New America Foundation, The Truman Project, Manhattan

Theatre Club, Yale Drama School, and the Williamstown Theatre Festival. 

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